Drones Are Fun!!

Are drones fun?

Not every drone is designed for fun. Plenty of drones are designed for work and business use to survey land, monitor crops, inspect structures and more.

Those looking for a drone for recreational use should consider buying one that has an intuitive user interface and easy-to-use controls so that they can take off right away without any prior experience with flying drones.

It’s also a growing business opportunity. According to an industry report released in September 2016 by Goldman Sachs, the market for commercial drones will grow at an annual rate of 30% through 2020, reaching more than $100 billion in sales.

Thinking about joining the drone business. Somethings to consider before you make your first purchase:

1) Camera quality is important. If the camera doesn’t take good pictures or videos, it’s not worth having a drone at all. There are many different types of cameras available for drones, but if you’re just getting started with aerial photography and videography, get yourself a model with a standard or HD camera that takes photos at least 12 megapixels (MP) and videos at least 720p High Definition (HD).

2) Battery life matters because you don’t want your drone flying away on its own while.

Flying Drones:

Looking to buy a drone, you may have noticed that there are many different models available. Always stay up to date with new models, because the industry is growing at an incredible rate.

One of the most important things to learn when flying a drone is how to land it safely. In fact, learning how to land your drone is one of the first things you should do when learning how to fly a quadcopter.

If you don’t know how to land safely then there’s no point in taking off!

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